Secret Letters – حروف پنهان


Your students/kids can practice letter identification with these secret letter worksheets. There are 32 worksheets in total, covering each letter of the alphabet. Kids simply color the selected lower and uppercase letters for that page to reveal the mystery letter.


  •  3-6

The pack consists of:

  • 32 x activity sheets with one letter per page

How To Use This Product:

  • Print the worksheet
  • Staple the worksheets together like a booklet.
  • They will then identify each alphabet letter in the circle and begin coloring the letters.
  • It’s also an optional idea to laminate these printable pages so you can use and re-use these as many times as you want and use them with a dry erase mark
  • Another way you could use these printables is to have the kids color the letters with crayons or markers.


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