“Nowrouz is coming” Digital Package (English) – بسته دیجیتال “نوروز تو راهه” (انگلیسی)


Nowruz is coming, a downloadable digital package created by Mandala Creativity Center to introduce kids to Nowruz, encourage creativity, and introduce them to visual arts, drama, and literature.
There are 50 activities in this digital package that can be completed between March 6 and April 6. This package is in English.

The pack consists of 2 files:

  1. Activity File: 31 pages
  2. Instruction File: 97 pages

The worksheets include the following activities on each page:

    • Amu Nowruz Story
    • Haft Sin Dynasty Story
    • Coin Activities
    • Clock Activities
    • Hyacinth Activities
    • Sabzeh Activities
    • Egg Activities
    • Sumac and Wild rue seed (Espand) Activities
    • Fish Activities
    • Storytelling Activities
    • Cupcake and Biscuit Activities
    • Apple Activities
    • Garlic Activities
    • Games

How To Use This Product:

  • Download and print the “Activity File” (it is best to print on cardboard)
  • Read the instruction from the “Instruction File” on your mobile device or computer.


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