Haftsin Book – کتاب هفت سین


This Haftsin vocabulary half-page booklet has been created to help kids learn Haftsin words. This printable booklet is a perfect way to get your early readers to learn about Nowruz and Haftsin! They also practice tracing the “Haftsin” sight word on each page!


  •  4-8

The pack consists of:

  • 5 x activity sheets with one word per page

Words included in this booklet:

  • Sabzeh
  • Sonbol
  • Seer
  • Somaq
  • Serkeh
  • Seeb
  • Senjed
  • Tokhme Morgh
  • Mahi-e-Ghermez

How To Use This Product:

  •  Print the whole file,  cut the pages from the dashed lines, put them together, and turn all the pages into a booklet.


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