Daddy is Coming – دس دسی باباش می یاد


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This book is a collection of children’s Persian games for children. Games that are part of our culture and have been passed down for many years. These games, which have played a significant role in Iranian children’s lives, entertained children inside the houses and backyards of cities and villages. When they grow up, they also pass on a culture full of life, joy, and happiness by teaching games to their children; To this day, that has reached us. Samineh Baghcheban, the author of the book, has tried to keep the original Iranian culture alive by publishing different works for children. Farshid Shafiei, the illustrator of this book, has tried to transfer children’s games’ sweetness to the pictures by using clear and fresh colors with a different view of games.


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1 to 6 Years




Paperback, Picture Books


Cultural, Family & Growing Up, Poetry


Ages 0 to 2, Ages 3 to 5


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